Understanding The Importance Of Dancing


Understanding The Importance Of Dancing (Psalm 150)

Relax, there is something to be thankful for, a reason to smile and one vehement moment our heart is
usually very glad to receive.

Close your eyes for a minute and reflect on the proficient occurrences of life that your mind skipped due to the overt embrace of hardship and pain; shut up your thoughts and allow the divinity of your insight narrate the testimony of your entire existence to your brain.

Believe me there is something to dance for and someone to dance with if only you’ll lose yourself and let go.

You don’t dance and frown, you don’t dance to understand why you’re dancing?

You dance to express the immaculate imagery that could no longer be cocooned in the cell of the heart, and do you get me?

You learn how to dance when you recall the sublime drops of nature on your path; there are 101 things to nag about on earth but what if you focus on that one excellent perspective that makes your life rhyme, think about this soul, you are a winner.

Stop and dance now if you’re reading this, take your mind on a jubilation trip, you’ve been pained too
much abeg do endeavor to celebrate, it’s not a necessity though but it’s a form of essentiality.

Dance if you have the leg, dance if you can; dance if you recognize how privileged you are.

Dance, Dance you still the chance.

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